Carl Zeiss



Billingham 207

External dimensions

W 320 x D 180 x H 260mm




Building on the success of our PressTop bags, the 07 Series represents an evolution of the design. Whilst at first glance they may look similar to their predecessors, this new range is far from being a cosmetic make-over. The changes we’ve made are the product of solid, practical trials and feedback from users
and reflect the attention to detail that make Billingham bags the choice of serious photographers the world over.

By virtue of their design and the materials used, Billingham bags have a very fluid nature and will accommodate a wide variety of photographic equipment. However, as a guide to the comparative sizes of the individual models in the 07 Series we have included approximate dimensions here which are based on the original patterns used in the manufacture of the bags.

Having a bag that’s too small or too large can cause real problems with delicate and expensive equipment. It’s for that reason, we produce the 07 Series in 3 sizes: 107, 207 & 307, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. They all offer identical features - only the capacity varies.

All of the models in the 07 Series feature a two-piece lid design with a central, double-layered, waterproof seam. This creates a more contoured design which wraps over the ends of the bag to provide even greater protection against the elements. One of the few purely cosmetic changes we’ve made is the choice of Chocolate rather than our traditional Tan leather on the Khaki versions. Having made prototypes in both colours, we thought the darker colour added something to the overall look. Each of the 07 Series bags comes with an SP50 shoulder pad as standard, together with our flexible SuperFlex partitioning system - your first line of defence in equipment protection.